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I love getting personal mail. Not bills. But actual pen-to-paper, sealed and stamped mail. Postcards are totally groovy too (if you’re ever on a trip, snail mail me a postcard!). Needless to say I love getting invites via snail mail too. I completely realize e-invites have their place in the world (they make life easier) and an email dishing a party’s details is perfectly fine. There’s just the surprise of getting snail mail love; it’s totally unexpected and FUN. It also makes something that may seem ordinary all the more extraordinary.

This rung true while planning a little get together. There’s no special occasion (it’s not a baby shower or birthday party). I just wanted to get the ladies together. I know I could’ve sent something electronically and called it good, but I wanted to give some analog mailbox love. I created a similar invite on my Cricut Explore, but the below DIY uses items easily accessible. If you have a Cricut and want the pattern, please leave a comment below – or send me an email – and I’ll email you the Design Space link.

Cute idea. Easy to do. Let’s get to it.

party-garland-invite-supplies-sparrowsoireesMaterials for Invitepatterned paper // pen // 2.25″ hole punch // 1/8″ hole punch // gray baker’s twine // scissors // alphabet stickers


  1. Punch five large circles per garland invite, if using “PARTY.” Cut off excess as needed to maximize the paper’s usefulness. Hole Punch Tip: I flip the hole punch over so I can easily line up the holes right next to each other, minimizing wasted space between punches.
  2. Using the small hole punch, punch two holes at the top of each circle. This helps knowing where the top is while writing on the backside too.
  3. Write out the invite on the circles’ backside (the blank side). On a piece of paper, write out a draft so you can easily copy in the invite’s text: what, when, where, and rsvp info. Additional details, like registry information if it’s for a baby or bridal shower; a personal note; remind the invitee to bring a towel if it’s a pool party; or use a fun stamp on the last circle.
  4. Lace the circles with baker’s twine, making sure the invite information reads correctly. Baker’s Twine Tip: it’s worth buying it in bulk (100+ yards) instead of those tiny packages with just a few feet. I buy neutral-colored spools, like the gray and white stripe, which makes it easier to use for various projects.
  5. Turn the garland around, with pattern facing up and the baker’s twine at the top, and place alphabet stickers on banner to spell out your call to action.


For mailing:
party-garland-invite-mailer-sparrowsoirees Materials for mailing: glassine envelope (size A2 used above) // flat card (size A2 used above) // mini flat party favor bag, 2.75 x 4″ // double-sided tape roller // labels (optional) // pen

I used my printer for the cards’ text. It was really quick, but you could easily handwrite a line or two telling the invitee to look in the bag.

  1. Place three small tape lines on the backside of the party favor bag. Center the bag over the space and press firmly.
  2. Accordion fold the garland and slip into the bag – and to make it all the more like a party, add glitter or confetti. Fold the top to close.
  3. Slip the card into an addressed glassine envelope. Addressing Tip: If using a label, a regular pen will do the trick. If no label is used, a fine-tip Sharpie pen works best.
  4. Don’t forget the postage stamp!


If you happen to make this, please share a picture of your creation with me! Please include Sparrow’s handle and use #SparrowCreates so I can see what y’all made! Can’t wait to see the creative goodness!

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