About Sparrow Soirees

Sparrow Soirées is a Portland, OR, based social media and event consulting boutique, tailoring memorable campaigns and celebrations for our clients. In short, we help our clients balance and bring together their digital and analog relationships.

Sparrow’s Social Media Consulting: Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Tumblr. LinkedIn. E-newsletters and blogs. There are so many options to get the word out about your business’ brand. Sparrow Soirées will help you find the best social media tools to sustain your current customer base and attract new customers, helping your business grow and meet goals. We also work with individuals wishing to improve their personal brand across all or those who wish to learn how to use a social media to keep in touch with loved ones.

Sparrow’s Event Planning & Marketing: Corporate Functions. Charity Fundraisers. Higher-Education Fetes. Sparrow Soirées will work alongside you and your team to create an all-encompassing strategy built on experience, innovation and passion. With one strong voice starting with branding, continuing at events and living in social media, Sparrow’s approach is to organically inspire growth, change and commitment. Let us tell your story.

Sparrow’s Social Milestones & Celebrations: Anniversaries. Birthdays. Marriage Proposals. Sparrow Soirées believes these and life’s many special moments should be celebrated. We understand how busy life is and having an extra hand to help with the details allows you to savor these occasions. Our services are tailored to suit your vision and budget, whether it’s creating a personalized, easy-to-follow blueprint or planning and executing your event from start to finish.

Contact: Feel free to send an email – hello (at) sparrowsoirees (dot) com – for more information, to schedule an appointment, or just to say “hi.”

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Asia Rau, owner & creative director

About Me: I originally founded Sparrow Soirées believing a fantastic and well-executed event, partnered with a solid social media plan, creates an incredible experience for all involved. However within the first year of starting Sparrow, I realized small businesses and individuals wished for and wanted social media consulting. Gears were switched and I made social media consulting Sparrow Soirées’ primary service. I couldn’t be happier with the change and what it’s brought my way.

I have over 17 years of event planning and management experience, and over 10 years event-related marketing and outreach, which includes working at Avid Events, University of Washington Alumni Association, Downtown Seattle Association, and Lifelong AIDS Alliance. My passion and inspiration comes from the creative process to plan memorable events and campaigns while working alongside clients and partners.