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Mustache-Game-full-sparrowsoireesAbout a month ago, a friend asked if I could re-create a game she saw on Pinterest for her milestone birthday party. Totally simple in concept (and to do): a game for guests to guess the names of famous mustached individuals. The only tricky part was making sure what I sent to her for hanging would work at the party’s venue.

– 4×6″ mustache images, here’s a little jump-start if needed
– 5×7″ black flat cards: one per mustache image, plus extra if you plan to “frame” the instructions or any of the other cards
– double-sided tape
– paper for entries and other print-outs (PDF links below)
– folded place cards
– metallic pen
– pens
– hanging materials, such as: suction-cup hooks, small clothes-pins, string


Image Prep & Print:
1. I used Bing to search for images and pinned them to a secret board in Pinterest. Not only was it handy to sort by largest image (very important since the image needs to be heavily cropped) but it also allows users to pin directly to Pinterest with an original source link (unlike Google). It also gave great leads in finding additional images.
2. I used PicMokey for editing and cropping the images. Some images were edited to better highlight the mustache or lighten the entire image once cropped. All images were adjusted for a 4×6 horizontal print. Tip: save final image files with the word “FINAL” before the individual’s name so you can find them easily in the folder; for example: FINAL-Brad-Pitt.jpeg.

1. Center printed images on the 5×7 cards, secure with double-sided tape.
2. Number cards on the front lower corner with the metallic pen.
3. On the back side, use the folded cards for the hints. On the outside, I wrote the individual’s occupation (actor, writer, actor, ruler, etc). On the inside, I wrote a fact, movie characters, a quote, or pretty much whatever tickled my fancy – but nothing too vague. The cards were secured with washi tape. (You could also use flat glassine bags with a card inside, similar to this invite.)


Additional Items:
1. Don’t forget to print the entry cards for guests to fill out, instructions, and basket cards for the entries (each link is the associated PDF). I printed enough for each attendee knowing some would play, others wouldn’t, and a few may enter a couple of times.
2. On one entry cared, write down the answers and seal in an envelope. Don’t forget to bring it (or in my case, send it with everything else!).
3. Gather hanging supplies. If you’re unsure about the location and/or the venue’s decor policy, use clear mini easels.
4. Grab extra pens for guests to use!Mustache-Game-hangingsupplies-sparrowsoirees

Once everything was ready, it packed up easily in a small box and was sent it off. It was so much fun to walk into the party a few days later and see it hanging on the wall – and people filling out their entries! She added her own touch with the chalkboards (great idea, Miss S!!).

Mustache-Game-display4-sparrowsoireesMustache-Game-display3-sparrowsoireesWhile it was the perfect ice breaker for a big birthday party, this would be great for a Jack’n’Jill… or Jack’n’Jack… or Jill’n’Jill baby shower. Equally awesome for parents to have some fun while hanging out at little tyke’s 1st birthday party. (Seriously. Give the parents something to do.)

If you happen to make this game for a Movember fundraiser, don’t forget to ask for a donation per entry. Fundraising 101 Tip: if you have a suggested $4 entry form fee and someone hands you a $5, ask if they’d like their dollar change or if they’d like to make an additional donation to the cause. Yes, this works and it works well. Anything to support a good cause, right?

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