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Before I dive in, I promise I’ll follow-up on everything that’s happened over the past six or so weeks. It’s been a roller-coaster to say the least. More importantly though, thank you for being patient.

A little background: before joining a brand’s affiliate program – or writing a sponsored post – I always ask, “Is it something I would use? Is it easy to use? Is it something I can stand by? Is it reasonably affordable?” I ask these questions because each “yes” allows me to mesh easier with the brand while creating authentic content. (FYI: being an affiliate is not a get-rich-quick thing so being able to answer “yes” is really important since writing a post can take a few hours). Anyhoo…

Enter Rent the Runway – and my own $150 Challenge. Simply put: Rent the Runway banishes the $500+-dress-for-one-event idea once and for all.

For special occasions, I often find the desire to look and feel amazing sometimes relies on the clothes. It’s a hard admission since I’m a big believer in the importance of feeling comfortable in my own skin. It’s taken me y-e-a-r-s to get to this point of battling my own insecurities. I believe in the Dove Beauty campaigns. I believe in the beauty of self-confidence and self-awareness. I know it’s important to be comfortable to appear comfortable, but showing up to a black tie event in my uniform of jeans and a white v-neck tee isn’t the best move.

It could be a wedding, class reunion, or fancy fundraiser and my Sunday best is required, but sometimes I feel like my closet falls a tad short. On the flip side, when looking for a new dress, I don’t want something that will end up hanging in my closet afterwards, never seeing the light of day again (cough – bridesmaids dresses – cough).

So why $150? Everyone has a price point on what we’re willing to spend. It can vary from occasion to occasion or, let’s be real, for very personal reasons between one and her mirror. Sometimes we need a little boost – and that’s perfectly alright. We all deserve to feel like a million bucks.

So to sum up: yes, it’s something I would use; yes, it’s easy to use; yes, I can stand by it; and yes, it’s very affordable.

Any favorite above? Wish to try it out? Get $25 off your first rental of $75+ with the following code: FIRSTRTR25X75X.

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