Social Media Consulting

Social media tells stories. It can feel like a vast maze with all the options, tricks of the trade, and hidden pathways. And since social media is always evolving, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed while using it. However when we take a few steps back, and see it in its entirety with a map in hand, social media is simply a means to tell stories. Stories about your brand.

If you’re a small business and need assistance getting your brand social; or a large company and wish to have a fresh voice share your story, Sparrow Soirées will help you explore social media tools strategically, tailor a plan to best fit your needs, and engage your audience.

Sparrow also works alongside individuals who have created a personal brand and need help maintaining their site(s). Whether it’s blogging, posting updates or pinning material, it’s about finding ways to energize your community and build loyalty.

How is this done? Sparrow reviews your current social media and marketing outreach, researches where your current client base and desired client base are located, and sets a plan to make things happen. Sparrow’s clients vary from those who wish to have all their social media needs taken care of, to those who contract consulting services “as-needed.”

From blogging to Pinterest board creation to Facebook updates, let Sparrow Soirées tell your story.

To learn more or to set up a meeting, contact us at hello (at) sparrowsoirees (dot) com.