Event Planning Q&A

While our official page offers an overview of Sparrow Soirées’ services, here are answers to the most common questions we’re asked. Please feel free to contact us if you have a question or two, wish to know more about our services, schedule a consult meeting, or just want to say “hello.”

1) I know what Corporate Events, Non-Profit Fundraisers and Higher Education Fetes are, but what are Social Milestones & Celebrations?  Births, adoptions, birthdays, graduations, marriage proposals and retirements are examples of Social Milestones, but we don’t limit our planning services to these occasions only. Wish to host a backyard movie night with friends? Want to celebrate the first year of being cancer-free with loved ones? The sky’s the limit! We’re here to lend an extra hand or plan it from A to Z. Just let us know what you need.

2) Does Sparrow Soirées offer a discount for Non-Profits or Higher-Education institutions (or schools)?  Simple answer: Yes. To receive a non-profit discount, we just need proof of your 501(c)3 status. If you’re throwing a fundraising party in honor of a charity or school, please let us know.

3) What kind of Corporate Events does Sparrow Soirées plan? And do you offer social media services with these events?  We plan everything from product launches and conferences to golf tournaments and customer-focused events. If your event, or program, has a social media component just let us know so we can build it into the event’s branding.

4) What are the levels of service Sparrow Soirées offers?  The following levels of service can be tailored to suit your needs:

  • Full Event Planning: We plan and execute your event from A to Z.
  • Conception & Design: We plan your event, prep/secure any vendors, and give you an easy to follow blueprint for the event’s execution.
  • A La Carte & Vendor Research: Ideal if you’ve already started planning your event but have come to a roadblock or just need an extra hand to execute the details of your event.
  • Social Media Services: We create or build upon your event’s identity by developing a branding plan for your marketing team, you or Sparrow Soirées to execute.

5) What if I need invitations or help tracking guests?  We’re here to help! During the initial consultation we will discuss any specific needs surrounding your event, including creating invites and guest tracking. We’ll create a plan that will best fit your budget, event needs and time constraints.

6) What is your event planning and execution process?  After the initial consultation Sparrow Soirées will create a blueprint based on our discussion. After fine-tuning the blueprint and budget with you, we get to work on the big and small details. During the planning period you’ll receive updates as requested by email, phone or in-person. On the big day, we’re on-site for the set-up, help execute and clean up as contracted.

7) What if I change my mind part way through the planning process?  90% of event planning is about being flexible and expecting the unexpected. If you decide you want to change the dessert or modify the event’s theme, we’ll contact our partnering vendors to see what can be done immediately. If you wish to stop using Sparrow Soirées’ services or cancel your event, please refer to the contract’s terms.

8) What if it literally rains on my parade?  We always make a foul-weather plan. This plan is only put into motion after consulting with our client since it can affect the budget’s bottom line.

9) Does Sparrow Soirées coordinate weddings? Yes. However we limit the number of weddings we contract whether it’s planning the entire event, including sorting RSVPs, caterer tastings, and so forth; or on-site management for just the day of the wedding. This allows us to fully focus on all the details and ensure our attention is on the couple, their guests and all the partners involved.

10) What are your fees?  Our fees are based on a three-hour minimum contract and your event’s budget with the exception of our Marriage Proposal Planning services. After meeting with you, Sparrow Soirées will provide a cost estimate with the event blueprint. A deposit will be due with the signed contract to secure the event date as well as partnering vendors. The deposit will be applied toward the final invoice.

Marriage Proposal Planning requires a non-refundable $50 deposit upon the initial consult due to the nature of the meeting and the concept process. During the consult, we’ll discuss your proposal, your future fiancé/fiancée, and the budget. The deposit will be applied to the final invoice.

We work closely with our partnering vendors to give you the best possible event estimate and pass our savings along to you. If unexpected costs or fees arise during the planning or execution period, we will do our best to inform you immediately of the costs so we can look at budget together to stay on track financially.

11) Will you travel to for event? Yes. Whether it’s the Paris in Texas or the Paris in France, our bags are packed. We’ll work with you to keep the travel/transportation costs within your budget.

12) What methods of payment does Sparrow Soirées accept?  We accept check, cash and PayPal payments.