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picnic-basket1-sparrowsorieesLast week I posted a picture of the picnic basket I prepped for last Saturday’s Summer Supper for Chicken Soup Brigade, Lifelong AIDS Alliance’s food program. Speaking from experience (I use to work at Lifelong), CSB’s healthy, “home” cooked meals truly help others get better. The CSB team’s expertise and passion for their clients means they go beyond the normal standards of a food program. The meals are planned to work with the client’s medication to help improve the client’s overall health. This means there are various versions of each meal, ranging from heart healthy to diabetic-friendly. CSB’s volunteers also deliver these meals on a weekly basis to those who cannot make it to the facility and in doing so, they spread much-needed cheer to the clients. It’s good for the body. It’s good for the soul. So when my friend Sage told me there was a silent auction at the dinner, I quickly volunteered a basket from Sparrow.

Even though I put this together for a charity fundraiser, this would make for a stylish, fun housewarming or wedding gift. Here’s what I included:


R to L: This blanket is perfect for laying on the grass, using as a tablecloth, or as an extra layer while swapping stories around the fire pit. blanket* // Dish towels are a great catch-all item at picnics; use them as pot-holders, for drying hands, or however needed. dish towel // Cloth napkins instantly make any meal an elegant one. napkins // Melamine dishes in a smart summer pattern. plates* // Acrylic glasses are perfect for enjoying any beverage outdoors. glasses // I love the tin for this wooden flatware set and it makes for an eye-catching utensil storage case when it’s time to restock. 18-pc wooden flatware 


R to L: Kinfolk’s cookbook is ideal for creating a special menu for a small, special gathering. cookbook // A sign of being in good company: loosing track of time and needing a light to get back to the car. small solar lights // Sometimes a sink isn’t nearby to wash your hands, so having wipes can be, well, handy. hand wipes (similar) // If you’re going to serve cheese, do it right. cheese knife trio* (similar) // In a pinch, long matches can be used as candles. Just sing really, really fast. box of long matches (pictured below) // I love this basket – almost picked one up for myself. There’s a removable “shelf” so you can place a few items at the bottom, a warm pie on the shelf, and transport in style (and when it’s not in use, the shelf can be flipped over for easy storage). It also has a hard attached lid, so the basket can double as a small, makeshift table if needed. basket (picture at the top and below)

picnic-basket2-sparrowsoirees.comThank you so much to the final bidder who won the basket!! I hope you enjoy it during your next picnic. Please take a picture or two for me of it in use!

* notes items on sale at the time of purchase in the store

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