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2-Wine-Tags-cricut-designspacestar-sparrowsoireesBrace yourself: we’re on the last all-team Cricut Design Space Star challenge. I feel really fortunate to have been a part of it and challenge myself creatively over the last four months (it sounds kooky, but working within Design Space requires a different way of thinking, but in a really good way – and makes crafts and various projects so much easier to do!). My team has truly been the cat’s meow. The ladies are incredible and even though we haven’t met in person (with the exception of Melanie, who also lives in the Seattle area), we definitely struck up a great friendship. I’m really excited two of my teammates will be in the final round (yippee!) and cannot wait to see what they create. Good luck Kim and Amy!

Cricut’s theme for the last round is “Crafts & Gear,” which is pretty broad, and my team picked “Dreamy White Holiday” as our sub-theme. For me, snow makes for a dreamy holiday along with friends and family gathering. So after a little brainstorming, I thought I’d share a simpler side of Cricut with a quick and easy DIY for your next gathering.

And not to worry if you don’t have an Explore! I’ll show you two easy ways to make the tags by hand.

1. With a Cricut Explore:
Supplies: one 12×12″ cardstock sheet, light grip mat, Cricut Explore (12 tags per sheet).
Design Space File: Wine Glass Tags
Time: 5 minutes

These are so easy to make: open the Design Space link, adjust as needed, and run the paper (on the mat!) through the Explore. While Explore’s magic is happening, uncork the wines so they can breathe before they’re poured. Once the tags are done, carefully pull the them off the mat. They’re now ready for your guests!

Wine-Tag-DIY-sparrowsoirees2. By Hand:
Supplies: 2″ hole punch (optional), 1″ hole punch (optional), scissors, one 12×12″ cardstock sheet, and one juice glass (optional).

If using the hole punches: with the large punch, cut the large discs close to each other on the cardstock. Center the large disc on the 1″ punch to create the hole. Then cut a slit to create an easy opening to slide onto the glass stem.

If using a juice glass: trace the glass rim on the backside of the paper and cut along the line. Then make a long cut, just past the circle’s mid-point and create a “star” with single snips (about 1/4″ – 1/2″ long). Once done, gently push up the star from the underside with your finger to make it easier for your guests to use.

5-Wine-Tag-cricut-designspacestar-sparrowsoirees Not sure how to place them for guests? Put the tags in a small bowl with a pen or two so your guests can easily grab one for their glass while at the bar, and if they wish to write their name on it, the pen is present.

If you’re hosting a wine tasting party, place the tags on the bottles’ necks so your guests can easily refer to the correct bottle during each round of tasting (and easily their favorite later in the evening).


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Just a reminder to please visit Cricut’s Design Space Star board on Pinterest. My team and I truly deeply appreciate you repining our projects to your own boards. And yes, it can help us advance in the challenge (*wink*).

UPDATE: this submission is now live for repinning (thank you in advance!!).

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I’m also a member of Cricut’s Blogger Network. I may receive prizes in exchange for a winning project with Cricut Design Space Star. All opinions are 100% my own.

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