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Have you ever been completely overjoyed about a Friday? I had that sort of week that by Wednesday I was in disbelief it was *only* Wednesday. When the Mister confirmed it, I really wanted to say, “Wait. What? It can’t be!” but quickly realized arguing about what day it was wouldn’t help matters. It’s like when someone argues with you about YOUR birthday date and after showing them your license, they just stand there saying, “it really isn’t the 19th?” (Have you ever had this happen to you? It’s kinda kooky, eh?)

Part of what made the week seem long was knowing there’s a serious backlog of projects and feeling like I’m often in a hurry-up-and-wait situation. It’s a “hurry up” to prep a project, research a post, or what not; then “wait” until the time allows me to work on it. As many of you know, I work from home and I often end up working at cafes and other locations, which is great for client work, to get away from home life interruptions and other distractions. The hard part though about working away from home, when you work at home, is sometimes it’s a bigger interruption to leave my desk. I find this especially true when I’m working on a project that requires staging a project’s shoot, which sometimes gets crammed into a tyke’s nap time. All this to say, when I read Laura Vanderkam article in Fast Company yesterday about having a week alone in her home while her family was away, I was slightly jealous (gasp! big admission!) but more importantly a lot of it clicked. Don’t get me wrong: I love working at home and the freedom it allows me – and being home with my children is a huge gift I don’t take for granted. Laura perfectly sums it up:

Of course we love our families, but when you are constantly around each other–which is the case when you have three little ones who still need help bathing and getting snacks and most everything else–it’s easy to get burned out. Since I work from home, I’m not even away during office hours. Being apart for a week gave me space to seriously miss them.

If you work from home, I hope you take a few minutes to read the article. It also makes a good point we can’t get a way from life’s interruptions. They happen to everyone no matter the kiddo situation.

Little joys and finds helping me get to the weekend:

  • See: The Woodland Park Zoo has a few new penguin chicks (gah! so cute!) and visiting them is on next week’s agenda. The boys are going to be so excited, which of course makes me excited! The hard part is I can’t spill the beans too soon.
  • Read: Have you heard of Humans of New York? I find it’s great to look at when I have a moment or need a mental break. It’s a blog based in New York City, filled with on-the-street portraits and participant Q&A. Some are down-right cute, many restore faith in humanity, some are parenting related, others make you pause for thought, but all prove the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.”
  • Make: I love a good sangria and am always willing to try a new recipe. This guava-pineapple sangria will make you wish for seaside cabana.
  • Join: There are a still a few spots open for this Sunday’s Pink Boat Pub Crawl hosted by Domino Beauty Boutique. The proceeds help them meet their fundraising goal for the Pink Boat Regatta benefitting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Hope you can make it!

Do you have any plans this weekend? Getting ready to for visiting family? Heading out of town? No matter what, hope you have a fabulous one!

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