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mentioned last month I’m trying hard to decorate for holidays for my boys. I deeply appreciate their schools helping explain the holidays and I feel my part is to offer something at home to help further the conversations and learning experience. Our Easter decor is fairly tame. Just fresh flowers on the table and in the kitchen to welcome spring, along with some plastic eggs I wrapped in yarn. I think I have a bunny garland somewhere… maybe I should dig that up and replace the “lucky us” garland.

For the wrapped eggs, I was totally inspired by Darby Smart picture I shared in a post a few weeks ago. We had a few small, plastic eggs, miraculously uncracked with a top AND bottom, and I picked up a box of large plastic eggs on sale at Whole Food Market. Let me tell you: they are so sturdy and, as a bonus, they’re made from plants. I found the yarn at Fred Meyer. It has a reflective string in it so it created a cool pattern on the eggs. It was a quick DIY to knock out while hanging out with our Gigi and later while watching tv.

yarn-wrapped-eggs-sparrowsoireesI decided to switch up how I fill the boys’ Easter baskets this year too. Instead of filling a basket with candy and toys (and more candy), I’m focusing on just a few little, hand-held sort of prizes I can pop into plastic eggs along with a wearable item and a book.

I use cotton balls to help reduce prizes from rattling too much in the eggs if the boys shake them. It’s a good way to throw them off. Here’s just a small smattering of what I picked up for them. (The ring was added for a hint of sparkle in the picture; it looked a little drab before its presence.)EasterEgg-stuffers-sparrowsoirees Need a few more ideas?

EasterEgg-stuffer-ideas Clockwise, from top left: Emmet from The Lego Movie, Flashing LED Bumpy RingsPull Back & Let Go Race TrucksNeon Jelly Bracelets, and Food Erasers. By the way: all of these would make for fun goody bag items at a kiddo’s party.

BTW: I know what you’re thinking: “Some of these come in a box of 12?! I’m not cramming a dozen in an egg!!” Neither would I; however, hear me out. First and foremost: you don’t have to give out all 12 at once. Second: they’re super handy to have on hand, because (third) I’ve discovered small toys get lost A LOT in our house; and (reasons four through seven) something breaks; or I’ll put it in my bag for safe keeping and can’t find it after we leave the restaurant; or a battery died/doesn’t work and there’s no way to replace it; or we have a young guest and peace must be kept. As much as I want to say my boys are Super Sharers, they aren’t always – and it’s nice to be able to tell a wee visitor, “it’s yours to keep!”

I’m off to boil eggs for us to dye later this week. Do you decorate your home for the spring? Do you give gifts for Easter – or include baskets in your Easter celebration? Or are you observing Passover this weekend with family and friends? Please share below!

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