One of my favorite lines about Bill Murray is from Zombieland when Emma Stone’s character says, “This guy has a direct line to my funny bone.” Why? Because it’s incredibly true. The man is hilarious and with so many roles (over 60 movies including the Garfield movies – but no one is perfect, right?), it was really hard to pick just three.

Carl Spackler, Caddyshack BMurray-Caddyshack-halloweencostume1-sparrowsoireesCarl’s outfit might just be the easiest to pull off since it only requires a visit to the surplus store if you don’t have the items in your closet. Ham it up by bringing a tyke golf club set, but the gopher is a must.

Dr. Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters BMurray-Ghostbusters1-sparrowsoireesAgain, a visit to the surplus store here for the clothing if you don’t have an item. Black duct tape for the patches. The proton pack will take a little creativity unless you order the costume, which comes with one, or grab a proton pack backpack (yes, it really exists). If I were to MacGyver a pack, I’d use hand-held vacuum, a black backpack, a super-soaker water-gun, black duct tape, black spray paint, and an assortment of glow necklaces. I’d end up also using a few different glues and possibly smaller cargo straps.

Couple’s Costume! Steve & Eleanor Zissou, The Life Aquatic with Steve ZissouBMurray-LifeAquatic1-halloweencostume-sparrowsoirees

The red beanie makes the outfit “Steve” and prevents any confusion with James Bond, groom or myriad guy-in-tux costumes.

Still not doing it for you? Not to worry. There’s no shortage of options. BMurray-MurrayPrint-DerekEads-Society6

Update: be sure to check out I’m Bill Murray, v.2.0, a new selection of costume ideas.

If the Mister and I needed a couple’s costume for a party I’d probably pull from Moonrise Kingdom (big fan of the movie) and dress like Mr. and Mrs. Bishop. What about you? If you were dress up like one of Bill Murray’s characters, which would it be? Why?

top image by peggy sirota, for gq magazine // bottom print by derek eads

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