Yes. Halloween. The one day, plus a weekend party or two, when you can dress up like anyone – or thing – that you can imagine. Sky’s the limit.

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For the first round of ideas: Video Rock Stars. In general, some rock stars treat their videos, concerts or public appearances (looking at you CeeLo and Lady Gaga) like it’s Halloween so dressing up like one means you just need to pull from a favorite moment and go for it. Back-up dancers optional (ahem Gwen Stefani).

By the way: I’m skipping Elvis and Madonna, but know there’s a more than truckful of ideas between those two names. If you’re heading out as a group, you could do the major looks of Madonna, who has a video catalog large enough to dress a sorority, spanning from Lucky Star to Give Me All Your Luvin’. Cone brassieres and all.

Thrift Shop, by Macklemore
mack-halloweencostume-sparrowsoireesExtra points if you’re able to find a faux-fur coat and velcro Pro-Wings. And while I’m not always a big fan of costume props (it’s extra stuff to keep track of) the Slurpee adds a nice touch. Clockwise from top left: macklemore image via / wolf cap / shades / pro-wings / coat image viaslurpee

Roar, by Katy Perry KPerry-HalloweenCostume1-sparrowsoireesAgain, not big on props, but if you find a cute little stuffed monkey to wrap around your arm, go for it. Need to go as a couple? Rock-Paper-Scissors for an actual monkey costume. counterclockwise from top right: katy perry / floral hair clips, also available at H&M / tank top / ti leaf skirt / flowers

Royals, by Lorde lorde-halloweencostume1-sparrowsoirees

Couple’s costume! Super simple but offers a punch (no pun intended). For him, the athletic shorts are fine, but push for the cut-off jean shorts. Shaving his head is optional. row 1: via lorde video / cat eye / row 2: white tee / necklace / boxing gloves / row 3: sweatshirt / via lorde video

Feeling a bit desperate with a last minute invite? Johnny Cash: just dress like you’re going to a funeral, attempt to mimic the hair with some pomade, and grab a pair of Ray Bans. Florence Welch in Shake It Out with her long red hair: don a long black, red or silver gown and a masquerade mask.

Dress like a Video Rock Star Tips:
  1. Lack the proper hair length or hair style to pull off your look? Get a wig at a party store. Same with the make-up. Grab some Wet’n’Wild glitter and bold color make-up from a Bartells or CVS.
  2. If you need to load up on jewelry, check out thrift stores or retailers like H&M, Forever 21, Ross, TJ Maxx…you get the idea. Party stores also have plethora of bead necklaces and whatnot if you’re feeling a bit creative with a can of metallic spray paint.
  3. Dive deep into your closet and dresser drawers (and jewelry box if you have one). Chances are you already have a piece here and a piece there in your wardrobe. Call a friend and sweetly ask if you can borrow an item for the night. (Just be sure to return it in same condition you got it; that means dry clean or carefully wash it if needed!)
  4. For the missing bits, hit up your local thrift store and get creative – just don’t wait until the last minute (items move fast during this time of year!). Can’t wash the item you find? Lightly spray it with some Febreeze or Lysol (test a hidden spot first) – or send it to the dry cleaners if you have the time.
  5. Have fun!

What say you? Do you already have an idea for Halloween? Spill the beans! What is it? Or have you hit a snag and need some help? Drop a line in the comments section and lets see what we can come up with.

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