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I’ve discovered something completely and totally interesting: people love Bill Murray. How did I discover this tidbit? The Bill Murray Halloween costume ideas post I wrote last year remains this blog’s most viewed post… ever.

In Blogger School (virtual classes! always enrolling!), we’re told if you have a post people respond to, then keep writing about the topic. Since that post lights up this little corner of the interwebs, I figure it must be something people like. So, without further ado, here’s another round of Bill Murray Halloween costume ideas, version 2.0.


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Lost in Translation. One of my favorite movies. So bittersweet, especially the ending, but that’s what made it so perfect. What did he whisper in her ear at the end of the movie? I know there are theories, but I like to think he said something along the lines of “It just takes an awful lot of work.” Bob Harris in the kimono and hotel slippers. A total conversation starter at the party.

Couple’s Costume: the karaoke scene will do the trick. Don an inside-out yellow tee – ideally with a black neck ring – and a black jacket, while your other half wears a black cowl tank and a pink wig.


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The Grand Budapest Hotel. Quite possibly the best movie yet from Wes Anderson. While Bill Murray’s character is a supporting one, he’s still crucial to the film. He’s cool, calm, and collected as he helps M. Gustav and Zero. By the way, if you’re looking for the lapel pins, you can make them, or pick up a pair on Etsy.

Group Costume: have your group dress up like the Society of the Crossed Keys members. Or start pulling from the entire cast (gah! amazing! send photos!).


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Zombieland. Let me be clear: I’m usually the one running in the opposite direction of the latest slasher film. I have a really active imagination so scary movies and I don’t mix well (Scream nearly did me in since I couldn’t sleep for weeks). However, I have a soft spot for Zombieland. Partly for reviewing rules of surviving a zombie invasion (*wink*), but – let’s get real – Bill Murray steals the movie the second he groans onto screen.

Couple’s or Group Costume: The four main characters make it easy to pull from but there’s also the entire zombie cast. I suggest the Hollywood Boulevard zombies.


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If all else fails, throw on a tux, carry a whiskey glass around, and hold it super close to your face saying, “It’s Suntory time.”

Are you a Bill Murray fan? Is there a character from one of his movies you’d dress up as this Halloween? Bob Wiley from What About Bob? Raleigh St. Clair from The Royal Tenenbaums? Bunny Breckinridge from Ed Wood?

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