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moonrise collage

I love Wes Anderson’s movies. They’re completely quirky and unbelievably charming. On New Year’s Eve we watched Moonrise Kingdom and once again I fell head-over-heels for Anderson’s wit and passion for storytelling. The moment the movie wiggled its way into my heart was when Sam (Jared Gilman) interrupted the sparrow girl by saying, “No, I said what kind of bird are YOU?” while pointing at Suzy (Kara Hayward). Sweet moments of first love.

Of course it also created a spark or two of ideas for a party. Whether it’s done outside during the summer or wishing to do something different indoors this winter, Moonrise Kingdom offers so much to pick from for a fun soirée. A few inspirations:

  • Set the Table: use a yellow plastic table-cover or tablecloth and an over-sized map as an overlay. The plastic ties in with the the rain ponchos, but cloth pays homage to the troop’s yellow neckerchiefs.
  • Create a Centerpiece: place a bouquet of petite daisies with a piece or two of baby’s breath in small juice glass; position it next a small stack of vintage fantasy/sci-fi books with a pearl brooch placed on top. Tuck binoculars in next to the flowers. You could also place a small votive next to the brooch for soft ambiance.
  • For Listening Pleasure: while it might be hard to find a vintage record player like the one Suzy carried, you can still create a similar playlist including Leonard Bernstein’s “The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra” or Hank William’s “Kaw-linga.” Plug mini speakers into your phone or MP3 player so everyone can enjoy the tunes.
  • On the Floor: If taking cover under a tree isn’t an option due to inclement weather, you can still spread a wool blanket on the floor. Use light strings or camping lanterns for lighting, and enjoy the convenience of an oven to make s’mores if you don’t have a fireplace.

You know what else this idea would be excellent for? A marriage proposal.

Center Images: Top, Bottom // 1. Binoculars, local surplus store // 2. Blanket // 3. Campaign Hat // 4. Mini Speakers // 5. Pearl Brooch // 6. Masks // 7. Petite Daisies, local florist // 8. Map