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Can you believe it’s the last week of August? We’re getting ready for school to kick-off. The Older is heading off to Kindergarten and the Little is going to preschool (finally!!) in two weeks! It’s a little weird knowing the house will be a little quieter but I’m really looking forward to the time to solely focus on work and projects.

This past summer, even with our bump in the road, it’s been a great one and the quote above seemed to capture it perfectly. I have breathed in so many great moments and feel incredibly grateful for them all. First off, Seattle had amazing summer. I cannot recall the last summer like this: multiple weeks in a row in the upper 70s and 80s, with light breezes and incredibly blue skies. Rain arrived at the perfect times to clear the air, rinse the streets, and water the yards. The city, as well as the entire Puget Sound area, seemed to show off, trying to outdo the previous day’s beauty.

Second, it felt like it was the first summer in a long time I was truly able to enjoy with the boys. They love exploring, which has rubbed off on me to see the world through their eyes. Their ages, 5 and 3, mean they can mostly entertain themselves and each other, outings are much easier since I’m not lugging a 50lb baby bag or a stroller, and everything to them is part of a bigger adventure. I cannot begin to explain how big of deal it is knowing I can make lunch inside the kitchen while they’re playing in the backyard – and then have them help me set up a little space for them to picnic. It’s been so great! All of this makes me excited for the fall and its own set of adventures.

August-Project-Collage-Cricut-Team-14I also wanted to quickly follow-up to last week’s post about the market bags for the Cricut Design Space Star challenge, introduce you to my team and their submitted projects. So many great designs!

Top, L to R: Library Tote, by The Happy Scraps // Leather Cheveron & Navajo Bracelets, by Artzy Creations // Geometric Print Kid’s Tee, by Bree Johnson
Middle, L to R: Leather Headband, by Ameroonie Designs // Geometric Earrings & Necklace, by 733Blog // Geometric Gem Print Tank, by Pencil Shavings Studio
Bottom, L to R: Geometric Print Blouse, by Brewed Together // To Market Totes, by Sparrow Soirees // Somewhere Over the RainBOW Umbrella, by Pen & Paper Flowers
(Not shown: Everyday Party Magazine – Jessica *just* joined our team, rounding us out to a perfect 10!) 

Here’s a quick break down in how you can help us: during each month’s submission period, Cricut pins our designs to their Design Space Star Pinterest board. Once the pins are up, please feel free to repin if something catches your eye. From there, Cricut will pick the Top 10 designs according to their judging criteria. This is when things really heat up. The finalists are up for public voting and the one with the most votes (repins) wins. There are three challenges remaining (September, October and November). And please stay tuned since we’re waiting to hear soon who made to the Top 10 for August’s challenge. Cross your fingers for Team 14! 

If you wish to follow the team on social media, particularly Instagram or Twitter, we’re using #RockThatCricut and #CricutDesignTeam14. You can also see all the designs submitted using #CricutDesignSpaceStar as well as following the above board.

Hope you have a fantastic week! I think the Mister and I may try to squeeze in a little kayaking in Portage Bay followed by a visit to a favorite local spot, Aqua Verde. What about you? Any big plans? Last minute getaways or day trips?

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