As promised, a little catch-up from my month-long hiatus. Admittedly I’ve been sitting on this post for the last few weeks, constantly editing it. It was tough to write. While I feel a little guilty about how long this blog sat quiet, it ended up being a much-needed quiet time (so I’m sorry I’m not sorry?). The time away allowed me to focus on other projects, both for work and home. As for the blog, this is a place I seek refuge when everything is chaotic. I missed its solace over the past month but find I need to occasionally take a step back and recharge away from here as well.

It feels like we’re often traveling at breakneck speeds and our checklist grows a mile every day. I’ve been told numerous times “I don’t know how you do it” by family, friends and, even at times, strangers – and usually it’s said with the best intentions. Those close to me know I have one tyke in school three days a week; the other seems to be glued to my leg; and a sitter comes once, sometimes twice, a week for a few hours so I can meet with clients or work on projects. I’m really looking forward to the fall when my older tyke will be in kindergarten and the younger will be in preschool (finally!), and hopefully working late into the night will be greatly reduced. The big thing here and usually how I respond: I’m not alone. There are a legions of fellow parents in similar situations.

So, how do I do it?

In short, I prioritize all the time, which means sometimes this blog or other personal projects – and sadly, regretfully sometimes friends – are put on the back burner so I can work on other items. There are numerous days it’s a tricky balancing act of client projects, taking care of my family, and working on my own to-do list. The final results and amazing moments make it clear all the struggling is completely worth it. Opening a kind, hand-written thank you note from a happy client. Snuggling with my family on the couch. Having months of planning finally see the light of day. Being able to sit poolside with girlfriends during a weekend getaway. No one ever said this would be easy. I never expected it to be. I try hard though to take it one day at a time while having a sense of humor about it all. I’ve also accepted it’s never going to feel perfectly balanced, but that’s ok. It means it never gets boring around here.

dinnerAs for sharing all the struggles and doubts on my blog or other social media platforms?

Blogging – and in many ways social media as a whole – ultimately comes down to deciding what aspects of life we wish to share. By doing so, we end up creating our own space, a virtual studio if you will. There are plenty of pretty, downright beautiful blogs and feeds rivaling the swoon-worthy spreads in any lifestyle magazine. So while someone may tell me I remind them of a Williams-Sonoma catalog, a charmed analog or digital life, I have to take a step back. Yes. I like to share the highlights of my day whatever they may be, or my participation in a daily closet challenge. But trust me: there are plenty of moments on the virtual cutting room floor not shared. Some aren’t to standard. Some are so personal, I don’t want to share. Some were so amazing, I didn’t bother trying to capture the moment with my camera.

Do I feel it’s dishonest to withhold? Not at all. We don’t put pictures on our home’s walls of fights, doubts, or other low points. We only hang the pictures we wish to share with those who enter our home. Social media is no different. When someone enters our home, we don’t suddenly spill our guts, create drama out of nothing, or constantly complain about life (ok; maybe once in a while we do one – or some – of those things). Overall though, no one constantly wants that, or wishes to be that day in and day out in their own life so why post all those moments here?

Don’t get me wrong though. There are plenty of bloggers who push aside the confetti-covered floors and remove the floral crowns to share deeply personal experiences within their blogs, ranging from a not-so-short-sale short-sale experience, to a family’s restaurant woes, to being incredibly brave about acknowledging a personal low point. These deeply honest posts, along with so many others, make me proud to be a part of this community. It’s not all flash and glitz. There are real people behind each of these blogs. They give me the courage and help remind me we all face challenges. We all have moments when we need to step back, reassess and prioritize.


How do you recharge? Do you take a moment when it’s possible and reassess? Or do you plow through? Do you think every aspect of life should be shared on social media? Or do you think a filter is needed?

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