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Asia and MomRecently I was part of a motherhood interview series by Little Light Design Collective. A group of moms, who also are bloggers, participated by answering a set of questions. Answering some of the questions was a little harder than I expected. It was tough to be so honest about my motherhood experiences and remove certain walls to show another side of motherhood not often talked about. Did I get that lightening bolt feeling? No. Do I struggle to find balance? Yes. Did my mom influence the way I parent my boys? Absolutely. Along my interview, I hope you read the other interviews too.

Here’s a little round up of a few favorite things from this past week. If it was possible to wrap this in brown paper with a string, please know I would:

— Since it’s Mother’s Day, this just seemed wildly appropriate: Kevin Durant thanking his grandma and mom during his MVP speech. Grab your tissues.
— I cannot stop watching this group of dogs and a cat swimming at the beach with Pharrell Williams’ Happy playing in the background.
— Earlier this week I made croque-madames for dinner. A croque-madame is basically a fancy grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a fried egg on it; the monsieur doesn’t have an egg. So delicious. So easy. You can find the recipe at Bon Appetit.
— Looking for a last minute gift for Mom? If she loves arranging fresh flowers, this beautiful book would make a great gift. You can find it at an assortment of retailers, so just call around a little.
— Speaking of flowers, I really love this flower crown DIY. Anyone need one to wear this weekend?
— Don’t forget to call your mom this weekend if you can’t visit her in person.

To all the amazing moms, grandmas, sisters, aunts, and fabulous ladies who care for others, hope you have fabulous weekend and find a few moments of sweet bliss. Happy Mother’s Day!


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