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Are you a Game of Thrones fan? I am. So is The Mister. As are many others. While at Alt Summit, Kathy, of Krafty Kath, discovered we both dig the show (and, let’s not kid ourselves, Jon Snow too) and joked about getting together for a Game of Thrones craft night.

Then it happened.


Just FYI: These guys don’t actually breathe smoke…although that would be kinda cool.


The boys *love* this mobile. Any time I try to move it, it’s complete anarchy here and they start screaming “Mama! No!”

If you’re thinking about having some people over for a Game of Thrones screening, this would be a great addition for the night. It was so much fun to make them! Check out Kathy’s site, Krafty Kath, and get your craft onGood luck!

A quick side note: if you’re not into the show or wish to make a mobile with a different theme, follow the instructions on Kathy’s blog. You might be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to make.

Come hang out with this lil’ bird!
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