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cherry blossom-sparrowsoireesSpring is finally here. Chilly mornings and nights, but the days are getting warmer. Daylight is staying around longer each day. Little signs of the nature coming alive are all around us.

Spring also seems like a natural, massive reset button for us. It’s time to start fresh. I’ve never been one to set New Year resolutions, but there’s something about the spring that makes me feel like it’s just time to start fresh. It’s time to get out the winter rut which was so easy to slip into. It’s tough though at times. Change – whether it’s physical, an attitude or emotion – is hard even when we know it’s for the best.

Maybe it’s because we think we have to do something huge instead of just starting small. For example, cutting out all sugar might sound really hard – and truly hard for many; but starting small, like maybe cutting back to one or two cups of coffee, or cans of soda (even the diet kind), if that’s your crutch. It may just feel a bit more realistic. And then for the soda drinkers, maybe the next step is no soda at all. My two biggest downfalls are desserts – I don’t need it every night – and exercise. I really need to get this ol’ body in the gym or around the track.

It’s easy to slip back into the rut. Sometimes there’s guilt over a slip and we completely forget to show any amount of self-grace. I find when I slip up, it’s best for me to acknowledge it and cut myself a break. Then I try again right away (otherwise I keep putting it off). I also find giving myself a little grace leads to showing others grace too.

keep going-sparrowsoireesWhat do you have a hard time changing? Exercising? Healthy eating? Getting enough sleep? Drinking enough water? Too much digital (think screens) and not enough analog (think real conversations)?

BTW – the center quote is from The Bleachers’ song “I Wanna Get Better“. It’s toe-tapping, head-bobbing song and may help you make a change or two. The top and bottom pics are my own.

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