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Early spring in Seattle means holding on to certain parts of your winter wardrobe (coat and wool scarf), while digging wildly through the attic for pieces you put away after the summer or fall (lighter cotton cardigans and flats), and grabbing a few items you always keep handy in the front closet (rain boots and hat). Also key for me is a bag that not only carries everything while I’m out with my boys, but stays dry if it’s set down on the ground or if it doesn’t quite fit under a crowded umbrella.

Let’s be honest: if it’s raining, there’s a good chance my boys are fighting over who holds the umbrella and I end up jamming it back into my bag so nobody pokes an eye out. And that, my friends, is why most people here don’t use umbrellas. The sidewalks would be jammed with umbrellas and eyeballs would be in danger.


favorite spring items in my closet: canvas shopper & crossbody bag / cozy cardigan / favorite tee* / straight-legged jeans that easily tuck into boots* / trusty rain boots {* = items on sale at time of posting}

Of course the other part of surviving spring in Seattle – or just about anywhere else – is being prepared for pesky spring allergy attacks and the tykes’ sniffles while out and about. Thankfully gone are the days of the handy but poorly designed Kleenex pocket packs. You know the ones. They were too thick to slide into your back pocket and had a little sticker that was like a lint magnet (gross) or would stick to the tissue like a piece of duct tape only when you needed a tissue stat.


I love the new designs and the packets are so thin! Slide one into a skirt pocket or pop it in a clutch for a night out. For me, they are perfect for slipping into a jacket pocket for our neighborhood playground visits. See if you can spy the packet in my bag – and yes, that’s the same bag as shown above.

I realize there are other areas who go through the same ordeal with early spring weather, so let’s help one another out. What is your favorite early spring wardrobe essential? At what point do you start putting your winter goods away?

This is a sponsored post by Kleenex Brand. All opinions expressed are my own. Check out their variety of new styles here. Thank you so much for supporting Sparrow’s sponsors and partners that help make this all possible!

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