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August is always a busy month. It seems so far away when June arrives, or while celebrating the 4th of July, or going about our day-to-day business during the summer. But there’s something about seeing the word “August” on my mobile that makes me jump into action. It feels like summer is getting ready for her final act.

With this in mind, I had an idea for those of us who need a little help in being graceful to welcome the fall.

Farwell to Summer Paper Chain

Materials Needed:
  • Paper strips, about 10″ long and 1.5-2″ wide (amount depends on number of strips needed to completed your chain)
  • Stapler or tape
  • String or ribbon for hanging
  • Removable wall hooks for hanging

Starting with a set date, such as Saturday, August 18, write down the date on the “outside” of the strip and on the “inside” write one thing that you will do to celebrate summer. For example on the above mentioned date, you could write “BBQ salmon on a cedar plank.” Create your first loop by stapling or taping the ends together with the date on the outside.

On the next strip, write the next date, “Sunday, August 19,” with a “Picnic at Gas Works Park.” Keep it going with Monday, September 3 (Labor Day) as your last day for the chain. When you’re finished, hang it up in your kitchen or other common space, and while sipping your morning coffee or tea, open that day’s Summer Celebration strip – and do what was written down!

This is a great activity if you have kids who need to get ready for the start of school. Keep it to one “main” activity a day so no one gets overwhelmed but the tasks or projects are completed. Their chain could include cleaning out the closet to get ready for their fall clothes (and donate gently worn clothing to your local thrift store or shelter); shopping for school supplies; labeling school supplies; reading at least three chapters of a book; making chocolate chip cookies; or packing for the last summer family weekend trip.

Need some more ideas? Here we go:

  • Monday, August 20: Make reservations to kayak on hooky day.
  • Tuesday, August 21: Get ice cream after dinner at Full Tilt.
  • Wednesday, August 22: Have dinner at a neighborhood Farmers Market.
  • Thursday, August 23: Hooky Day! Kayaking followed by happy hour!
  • Friday, August 24: Email invite for Summer’s End Party (set a date in mid-September)
  • Saturday, August 25: Read the first chapter of Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises (or any other book on your list, make a date to read the first chapter and keep it!)
  • Sunday, August 26: Remove at least five items from the closet not worn/no longer needed from this past season and donate!

Hope you’re enjoying August and all it has to offer!

Until next time…

Cin Cin!

{images: top, middle: Richard Walker, bottom}