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Over the past year I have looked at this New Year’s Eve party photo countless times. It has given me an endless amount of inspiration. It gracefully exclaims “party here!” without a giant, flashing neon-lit sign pointing to it. Fun and elegance are perfectly mixed together.

It might serve as a terrific creative spark for your own New Year Eve’s bash. Super easy to put together and with the below checklist, your home will be ready for an amazing New Year’s Eve party. I used gold and black for my color scheme. Feel free to mix it up as you wish.

nye collage

Here’s how to put it together with a few tricks of the trade:

  • Black Plates: create an instant polished elegance with these plates. In a pinch? Paper or plastic plates work great, make for an easy clean up and come in an array of colors. If you use clear plastic plates, use spray glue the backside and cover it in glitter to tie in the color. I’m also a huge fan of the Bambu Veneerware found at Whole Foods Market and Seattle’s Metropolitan Markets; not available in black but they look incredible and have extra points for being compost-friendly.
  • Layer Metallic Foil Curtains: create an amazing backdrop behind the table, at the door, and/or in the bathroom. Putting it together: Using 1″-1.5″dia. dowel of the appropriate length(s) and tacks, secure the curtains to the dowel. To hang the dowels, use removable wall hooks and space them 2′-3′ apart. (Make sure the dowel will fit in the hook before you buy them!) If you need multiple dowels to create a long backdrop, leave an inch or so of curtain overhang at the ends to overlap. Place the dowels as close together, end-to-end if possible, using the extra curtain to cover the dowel gaps. You can also add streamers and garland along the ceiling to create interest.
  • Fancy Gold Cutlery: why not? Glam it up. On second thought: maybe you don’t want to buy a new set of flatware but still want the wow factor. Here’s a DIY option: buy disposable wooden cutlery from your local grocery or kitchen supply store; dip the 2-3″ of the utensil handle in glue or a paint matching your glitter color, then cover with glitter (have the glitter in a square cake pan to help contain it, but giving you plenty of room to work). Place the glittered flatware on a cookie sheet to dry. 
  • Easy Tear Napkins: unless you’d like actual linens for your guests, use these little numbers. Why these and not paper ones? Tear napkins have all the charm of cloth napkins with none of the fuss: they can be tossed into the recycling bin when you’re done. Or you can reuse and wash them up to six times.
  • Easy Greens: using succulents and other small greens adds an instant wow factor to the table in the most effortless way. Aloe plants are also great simply because of the height and texture they provide to a buffet or bar set-up. Quick Tip: If you’re looking for a way to hide the dirt or plastic container, use small river rocks or pebbles to cover the dirt and wrap a wide ribbon around the container several times, tying it off with a bow or secure the end under the container. If you’re worried about leaks, place the container on a small square of foil and secure it with a little tape around the sides before wrapping it with ribbon. If you’re looking for fun option, use a sponge brush or spray glue to coat the container then cover with glitter. Set it on a cookie sheet to dry.
  • A Lot of Candles: candles work wonders and no matter the setting, create instant beauty. Where? Ikea or any other store with gobs of candles and sizes, and buy unscented by the dozens with proper holders. Scented candles should only be used in the powder room during parties, especially if food is being served. (Free advice: never place a candle on the commode.)
  • Gold Glitter Paper: paper makes for a perfect table runner under a centerpiece of greens and candles. Why? The glitter will reflect the light and create a breathtaking scene once you dim the lights. At the end of the night, it makes for an easy clean up: just crumble it up and toss in your recycling bin.

Live in the Puget Sound area and need an extra hand getting your home ready for New Year’s Eve? Drop us a line by Sunday, 12/30/12, noon, and please include your party’s general info. We’ll be in touch about your timeline and other details.

top party image / black plate / foil curtains available at party stores / gold cutlery / black tear-off napkins / candle centerpiece image / gold glitter paper