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It’s my favorite time of year: the transition from summer to fall. Backpacks and school. Schedules return to normal. Enjoying the last few rays of summer before the rains return. It’s brief amount of time, about five weeks – maybe six or seven weeks if we’re really lucky – of crisp mornings, warm afternoons, and cool evenings.

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I’ve hung the boys’ favorite hoodies on hooks by the backdoor for an easy grab. I’m wearing shorts with long-sleeve tees thanks to the cooler breezes. It’s not quite time to pull out the rain boots, but I keep my jacket on another hook just in case there’s an unexpected sprinkle (like the storm passing through tonight as I’m typing). Being able to pull on a favorite sweater, to ward off the evening chill, makes this seasonal transition perfect.

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We’ll probably have a few more amazing summer days before she makes her final exit and fall takes center stage. And that’s alright with me. It just means we were lucky enough to experience the perfect September.

What about you? Do you like the transition from summer to fall? Are you a fan of September or is there another time of year that floats your boat?

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