Who are these two crazy kids?

Hello friends! I realize it’s been a month since my last post. I’m still here. It was a much-needed hiatus – and more on it all at another time.

Today is all about celebration: it’s our 9-year anniversary to be exact! It has been an incredible journey and I cannot imagine spending a second of it without The Mister. He holds my hand and walks alongside me when life gets scary and when it’s joyous. He celebrates the highs with me no matter how small. He wipes away my tears during the lows.

As for our plans to celebrate, they’ve been put on pause. The Mister is making his way home from a business trip in Helsinki with a 24-hour layover for meetings in London. And if Instagram doesn’t lie, it looks like I’m getting a surprise he picked up during his adventures (and it looks like it’s bigger than hotel shampoo and soap!).

Have a wonderful day!

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