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While at Alt Summit I met the fine folks of Kleenex and, since then, signed up to be a part of their 90th anniversary celebrations. After receiving their sample product box in the mail earlier this week, there was a “wow” moment. With so many cool options to now pick from, it’s easy to say these are not your school nurse station boxes. I knew immediately I wanted this pretty container to be a part of my office. The big problem was my office was a wreck from a recent event and they wouldn’t see the light of day unless I did something about it.


There are times my office completely gets away from me. Not in a small sense, like, “Whoa. It’s a little messy in here. I should clean up my desk.” It’s more like, “WHOA! Where is my desk?”

So I went from this…


Disclaimer: this fine mess usually occurs right before an event or big project thanks to sorting supplies, prepping materials, and digging out items I need to use or bring with me.

To this…

I’m digging the design on the Kleenex container next to the coffee pot. They go together like peanut butter and jelly.


Little tip: when I work on a project with stamps, pens and/or markers, I’ll use a tissue to help control wet ink smudges. I’ll place a folded tissue under my hand to prevent a mess from spreading.

And of course, a clean desk makes everything better.

I need to hang up something on the wall, but I’m at a loss for what to do. During the summer, this room is hit hard by the sun and fades everything in its path if I’m not diligent about raising the blinds. In the winter, it’s incredibly cold and needs both figurative and literal warmth. Any suggestions out there? Please feel free to share!

*This is a sponsored post by Kleenex Brand. However, all opinions expressed are my own. Check out their variety of new styles here. BTW: they’re hosting a cool contest that could land you in NYC! To enter, click on Kleenex or Catwalk link on their site, and answer a series of questions asking you to identify which design from Kleenex or the catwalk. Along with a trip to NYC, the winner will meet with a cool designer to find your style and $5,000 pocket cash for a shopping spree. Entry is open until March 7, 2014. See Kleenex’s site for additional details. Thank you so much for supporting Sparrow’s sponsors and partners that help make this all possible! 

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