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ValentineDayHeader-sparrowsoirees Have you ever noticed certain holidays seem to sneak up even though you know it’s on a very specific date? Even with all handy reminders like Facebook, e-newletters, or blog posts there’s still a moment of surprise when you look at your calendar and the holiday is the very NEXT day?


heart felt wreath, via the alison show; don’t have felt? you could easily make this flat with construction paper // mylar heart treat bag, via paper’n’stitch; no mylar? use whatever you have nearby, like tissue paper, foil, or even a marker.

I usually feel this way about Valentine’s Day. I’ll see the blizzard of heart-related projects in January, think “oh! that’s cute!” and then almost immediately, shamefully, forget about it. Pinterest is no help either. I pin something thinking, “I’ll totally come back to this” and then promptly recycle the paper towel cardboard tube I was suppose to save for said project.

(Oh. My. Goodness. Million dollar idea. Pssst Ben and Evan: Pinterest needs to have a reminder option for pins! It can ping you a week or two out from the date said project, event, dinner party, or whatnot is due. Whoever runs with this idea all I ask is you please credit me for coming up with this one.)

Valentine Scratch Cards1 - bloesemkids

valentine scratch card, via blossom kids; super clever idea for a fun party invite too!

I kick myself over Valentine’s Day because the boys are still at the sweet age where the pink and red decor is fun, not embarrassing. They still love the little details and extras, not think of it as over the top fuss. And I know this won’t always be the case – but those very reasons are why I love these five project ideas. They’re simple enough to quickly do over the next day or so to make Friday fun and hopefully create a memory for them to recall when they’re old and gray. (Mom confession: Yes. I often ask myself “will they remember this” when I’m doing some sort of project or adding a detail for them or the house, like this or this or while having a little fun with decor.)


shower of balloons, via you are my fav; my kids would go nuts over the balloons! // valentine pillow boxes, via the proper pinwheel; perfect idea if you wish to give a special little gift to someone!

What about you? Do you have a Valentine’s Day tradition or special project? If you have kids, do you ever wonder if they’ll remember the little details, like hearts on treat bags or a shower full of balloons? Please share below!

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