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Watching the surfers and whales while at the Volcom surfing competition.

The Mister and I are on a much needed getaway this week to the west side of Oahu, thanks to the combined efforts of Mimi, Papa and Gigi watching the boys and dear friends housesitting (seriously, it’s a village effort). Even though this was planned late last summer, it couldn’t have come at a better time. We really needed to recharge after juggling the holiday craze and January’s busyness including my trip to Alt Summit, and the Mister spending the past two months interviewing and switching to a new job. We’re incredibly thankful for just being able to for this time together and arrived with the goal to relax.


Similar to what I packed: blue swimsuit // hat to keep the sun off my face // red swimsuit* (yes, two suits because I hate putting on a damp one) // comfy flip-flops for day treks // bag to hold beach time necessities like a book (thanks EVW for the rec!) and sunscreen

Even though it started off being a wet vacation, including a massive downpour on Tuesday while we were in Haleiwa, I’ll gladly take the warm rain over the freezing temperatures in Seattle (hope everyone is keeping warm and staying safe back home). There was a break yesterday afternoon and looks like the rain will be lightening up over the next few days, which means lots of time to sit by the pool and head down to the beach.


Similar to what I packed: tank dress* ideal for day trips // wrap dress with sleeves for dinner in an air conditioned restaurant // I kept statement pieces super simple: earrings & bracelet* // maxi dress* // sandals for the “fancy” outfits

Since the tykes are not here with us (believe it or not, we DO miss them), it’s been a nice change of pace having dinner later than normal and just being able to call audibles throughout the day, like heading off to the stadium’s swap meet yesterday with zero idea of where to grab lunch afterwards. For fellow parents, you know that’s playing it dangerous with tykes in tow so the break is a welcomed one.

Have you been to Oahu? Any favorite spots to eat or visit? Or taken a vacation without your little ones? Aside from sleeping in, what was the best audible called you know couldn’t have been done if the kids were with you?

* notes items on sale at time of posting

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