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“New pajamas” and “Christmas morning” go hand-in-hand like “Rudolph” and “Sleigh.” It’s a tradition celebrated by so many. I have one friend who tries her best to hold off buying new pajamas during the late fall for her kids, even if it looks like they’re on the verge of wearing capris to bed. It’s their Christmas Eve gift tradition – and she chuckles as she says, “they take up space under the tree, just like the wrapped socks and underwear!”

I think there’s something to be said for continuing the tradition for yourself even if you’re an adult. Wait. Scratch that. Especially if you’re an adult. New pajamas – or if you’re fancy, “lounge wear” – to wear Christmas morning is the perfect early self-gift worth the splurge we may not give to ourself throughout the year. Or give them to someone else, but only if you know her really, really well… like you vacationed together, live/lived under the same roof, or assembled IKEA furniture together – and you’re still on speaking terms. Here are some of my favorites. Santa, please pay attention…

christmas-morning-attire1-sparrowsoireessweater robe // pajama set* // slippers

christmas-morning-attire2-sparrowsoirees flannel pajama set* // slippers // flannel pajamas* (on model)

christmas-morning-attire3-sparrowsoirees long sleeping shirt // union suit

christmas-morning-attire4-sparrowsoirees flannel pants // shirt* // slippers*

By the way, if you love the long sleeping shirt, but rather not have bare legs for the Christmas-morning-in-pajamas family picture, don a pair of fleece leggings (for a store: try here, here or for a knit pair, try here). Kid you not, they’re the best thing since sliced bread. Completely self-splurge worthy.

* = item on sale as of posting, check its website for details
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