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I realize most blog round-ups take place on Fridays, but this is a special occasion: we’re T-24 hours before the weekend’s Halloween parties to start. I know there are a few (or many?) procrastinators still trying to figure out costume and decor ideas. For others laying low this weekend, we still have a full weekend plus a few days to hunt, gather and assemble a costume, front door decor, and whatnot (the office cube?!) for Halloween.

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Really Simple: I like Real Simple because they understand their target audience is crazy busy so everything is, well, simple. Party tips, decor ideas, recipes, adult beverages, and family costumes to boot. Why not?

Cuteness Overload: This year Oh Happy Day decided to take it to a new level of cute: Mr. RogersCircus Strongman, and a Photobooth Strip for the kiddos. Adding to the too-cute-for-school ideas are fashion icons ranging from Anna Wintor to Karl Lagerfeld. If you love a tyke costume idea, there’s nothing stopping you from creating an adult version. Go for it. (And someone PLUH-eeease be Anna Wintour and send me a picture!)

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Holy Idea Batman: Coco+Kelley created a tablescape screaming “KA-POW” using one of fiction’s best cities: Gotham. Not to worry, this is a modern, grown-up version so there’s no need to put on yellow tights circa Adam West.

Looks AND Brains: Who doesn’t love a smart girl? Dress up as your favorite literary character thanks to these suggestions from PopSugar.

Closet Diving: Refinery 29 came out with 10 quick and easy costumes and chances are you already have the needed items to complete your favorite.

Speaking of Easy: Thanks to the cool cats at Red Tricycle their list of easy Halloween crafts are perfect for decorating your space with your hooligan gang, whether they be tykes or co-workers, and won’t break the bank. Or have you digging deep in your recycling can. (Seriously folks. A craft asking for FOUR milk cartons to create ONE tyke’s project is a bit much for this mama. Who can drink that much milk in one rainy day? Or the extra space to store said cartons? Not I.)


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Re-live High School: This costume idea from Cup of Jo almost made me spit out my coffee thanks to an unexpected laugh. Teenage drama thankfully not included.

Martha?: A list like this wouldn’t be complete unless a few of Martha Stewart’s ideas were included too.

While the pop-culture rumor mill is already saying Miley’s nude bikini and foam finger will be the most popular costume, I’m banking on numerous duos will tip their gas-masks to Walt and Jesse (or a Stevia packet). No matter what though, just have fun and be proud of what you create.

Gen-Wild Things Family One of my favorite displays of family costume genius. By the way, I spy a goat sibling… to the left of King Max. via thecaseydonahue

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