First, a confession: I’m not a huge fan of Halloween. I know it’s crazy but it’s true. That whole spooks and shadows thing? I just don’t dig it. But with the tykes and their growing curiosities, I find I have to balance my dislike – or fear – of something (peas! ugh!) while letting them explore, and possibly enjoy, as they grow into their own. So basically I just need to suck it up… well, within reason given their current ages.

coco+kelley-julie-harmsen-halloween-tabletopvia coco+kelly

Second, and this will sound rather ironic: a well-executed Halloween tablescape will always catch my eye. I’m usually not big on campy but I’ll take cutesy over over-the-top spooky, but give me a table top with interesting details and I’ll admire the creativity displayed.

glittered pumpkin centerpiece-martha stewartvia martha stewart

Third: thanks to the tykes (yep, them again), setting up intricate Halloween decor to admire for a week or two on our table isn’t in the cards. Every single time we’d sit down for a meal or snack – or to work on a project – I’d worry about something getting pulled apart, a new glitter trail being created, or lighting the entire table on fire. But when I spied these skull candles (glittered to boot!), I figured it would be fun to help get in the spirit of things while keeping it simple now, but adding to it when the day was closer.


similar skull candle // glass candlesticks // silver candle tray

The boys seem to dig them. I love the glass candlesticks. I think they give a certain elegance to any occasion and reflect candlelight nicely, especially with the different heights grouped together. The candlesticks are also extremely versatile: I can use them now for Halloween and later for Christmas or New Year’s. A day or two before Halloween, I’ll cover the tray with deep red and maroon flowers, like dahlias, using a small floral sponge to hold the stems in place. I’ll be sure to do a little show-and-tell once it’s done.

If this were for a party, along with the flowers, I’d tuck in a few small pomegranate halves as an unique detail yet fitting for a fall fête. I’d also use wax dots to help better secure the skulls to the candlesticks (safety first).

FYI: I picked up my skull candles in the housewares section at Metropolitan Market, the lower Queen Anne one here in Seattle. I didn’t have any luck finding them online, but the Z Gallerie skulls seemed pretty cool with the rhinestone eyes. Kind of reminded me of The Rescuers.
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