It feels like fall landed with a THUD here in Seattle in the past week or so. It’s crisp, cool and overcast once again. Leaves are already starting to change colors. So with a blanket over my lap to keep warm this morning, I wanted to share a few fall inspirations for the home and few other lil’ nuggets to usher in the weekend. Enjoy!

fall finds-sparrowsoirees 1. cocktails / 2. apron / 3. blanket / 4. roasted squash / 5. notepad

6) I finally wrapped up Grace Coddington’s Grace, A Memoir, which was on my summer reading list. She is the OG of Creative Forces. A Tour de Inspiration in her own right. She has spent over five decades in the fashion industry, starting as a teenage model after winning a contest and is now the creative director at U.S. Vogue. She talks about lugging tons of luggage, filled with designer clothing and props, to foreign lands; working alongside some of the most famous names – and their quirks – across multiple industries; and balancing the requirements of a demanding job and home life. While the book is rather entertaining, Coddington lays it all out there, reminding us no matter what humility, reinvention, and rejuvenation are of upmost importance. I highly encourage you to pick this one up (or download it to your e-reader).

7) My friend Sage reposted an article on Facebook from HuffPost’s Healthy Living section called “How to Get Flat Abs, Have Amazing Sex and Rule the World in 8 Easy Steps.” I almost skipped it until I saw the opening line in the post’s preview box, which made me chuckle since it seemed to mock those hideous self-improvement ads that bombard us everywhere. I was – and am – hooked on this kind of self-improvement. Without apologizing it reminds us of the very basics of being a human – and thoughtful one at best.

hula hoop girl-mio cade

Mio Cade

As a side note: I think the above picture is the same one noted in the article. That sweet lil’ face reminds us it’s the all about the good stuff in life, no matter how dire everything else is – or may seem.

8) Breaking Bad ends this weekend. Ugh! A little confession: I have the hardest time sitting through an episode thanks to all the tension. I usually end up pacing around the living room.

9) Tomorrow night I’m attending the book launch for Trophy Cupcakes’ new book, Trophy Cupcakes & Parties. While I’m always excited about getting my hands on a new book, enjoying tasty treats and savory snacks – and a glass of bubbly! – I am downright thrilled for my friend Jenn, founder and creative force of Scout, who styled the book’s images. (Yeah. Seriously. The lady is uber talented.) I think tickets are still available. So, if you’re in the hood, come join me at this shin-dig!

I hope you have a great weekend! Any big plans? Are you a Breaking Bad fan? Any bets out there on who survives and who doesn’t?

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