Yesterday felt a little bit like summer was taking its final bow in Seattle. This summer has been fantastic and unreal (dare I say “fantastically unreal”?). It arrived early in June – a major treat in Seattle – and is doing its best to stay in September. Lately the crisp fall air has been greeting us in the mornings and returning in the evenings, but yesterday felt so… sun-kissed. It was warm, sweet and breathtakingly beautiful. It was truly an unexpected treat for an event I was working on at Golden Gardens. I’ll post more about it later but here’s a little sneak peek:



This is a bittersweet confession: I’m ready for the fall. I have truly loved this past summer. It’s been so amazing in so many ways. But last night while setting up the party, there was a chill in the air as the sun was setting and I pulled on one of my favorite sweaters. It felt so cozy. It made me realize I was ready to say “so long” to the summer and welcome the fall. I’ll gladly take whatever beautiful weather we continue to have (like this morning; it’s so gorgeous!) but I’m ready for the crisp air and the leaves to show their brilliant colors. And, of course, I’m ready to pull out my favorite pair of boots and get them back into action.

What about you? Are you ready for the fall to arrive? Or are you hanging on to every last drop of summer?

images by asia rau vinton

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