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I cannot believe school starts in twelve days (?!) – and some kids have already started! Thankfully I have a fairly short shopping list but there’s still the pressure to tackle it ASAP since Lil Man’s preschool summer session is winding down. Aside from the crowds and finding time to do it, I don’t mind back to school shopping. There’s something about it all that makes me remember shopping for the first day of school outfit with my mom. She usually made it fun – and if there was any eye-rolling over my indecisiveness, she hid it well.

back-to-school-jackets1-sparrowsoireesYes, darker colors hide the stains but there’s something refreshing about a bright color especially on those darker days. If your youngster isn’t ready for a bold color commitment, how about something with a little splash of color? Clockwise from top left: fleece / rain / anorak / vest

back-to-school-study1-sparrowsoireesCreate an inviting space for studying and maybe add a fun element or two for taking notes. Clockwise from top: cork board / pencils / notebook 

back-to-school-lunch-sparrowsoireesHave your kiddo rise above the sea of canvas and nylon bags with a cool box. From the left: lunchbox / reusable sandwich and snack bag set

back-to-school-details-sparrowsoireesLittle details to boost courage and celebrate milestones. A badge can serve as a reminder to be brave throughout the day (allow ’em to keep it in a pocket if it’s easier). A special watch for his first day of high school. A unique statement piece for her senior year. Clockwise from top left: cat ring / badge / watch / necklace

How do you celebrate the start of the school year? Do you take a picture of your kids on the first day or make a special breakfast? Do you treat yourself to a spa day to celebrate surviving the summer? (I have a friend who does this; I love it!) Spill the beans in the comment section below…

Oh, you might have said “Really? Bright jackets? My kids are loud enough.” This past spring I picked up two solid neon orange rain jackets (somewhat similar to the pink one above). Those bright jackets made it a piece of cake to spot them at Lord-of-the-Flies-like playgrounds and have served as beacons when we’re out and about, especially at night. I got them from Gap, which no longer carries them (very sad), but here’s a similar one on sale at REI. I’m completely sold now on kids’ bright outerwear especially while the boys are still curious small fries and so gosh-darn fast. I really hope stores keep carrying these – they’ve greatly decreased the “where’s my child” panic moments.

neon orange jackets-sparrowsoirees

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