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A good friend of mine lives far away – 4,826 miles city-to-city to be exact. It’s a bit too far to see if she’s available next Sunday morning for brunch at a local cafe so we can catch-up on life’s happenings. For me, there’s something about sitting down for brunch with a friend that makes life’s highs and lows, and everything in between, suddenly make sense. So when I look at A Year of Mornings in the rare, quiet moment before the house turns into chaos, it makes me wish for this brunch date all the more.

8-13 in A Year of Mornings

If you haven’t seen this book it’s worth looking for during your next book store or library visit. And the “I don’t have time to read” excuse won’t work here; aside from the introduction, there’s very little text in the book. However it’s filled with downright amazing images of life in it’s finest form: simple, unflinching. Items we may walk by without giving them a second thought on any given day, yet in these pages, there’s a strong desire to take a second – or third  – look. The story behind this project is equally amazing and worth reading about (see the above link).


It’s the perfect book to keep near-by for those rare quiet moments you may find during the day, which means it’s the perfect gift book. I skipped the wrapping paper and used a tea towel as “wrapping” and included an initial mug for her morning coffee. We may not sit at the same table in the mornings, but this will have to do until we’re able to do so.

To wrap the book, center it on the tea towel (both should be vertical). Single knot – or “overhand knot” if you’re fancy – the opposite corners over the book. And repeat with the other two corners. Tuck in the extra material as needed while and after knotting corners. Knot the mug over the top with the remaining cloth – and pull it tightly to help secure the handle. If you have an oversized tea towel or using a smaller book, you may need to square the tea towel a little bit before wrapping – or use the extra to your advantage to better secure the mug.

tea-towel-wrapped-book-sparrowsoirees It’s that simple.

Do you know someone who might enjoy a “just because” gift? A new mom or grandma? Maybe a daughter heading off to college or a niece starting out on her own?

book /similar tea towel as shown / mug (or a more detail style)

above images taken by asia rau vinton

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