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If you happen to follow Sparrow Soirees on Facebook you saw my dance break post late yesterday. I’m entering the third heavily packed day, but trust me, I’m far from complaining about it. It’s been a crazy combination of working on client sites while sorting out some details for my own, prepping for a multi-day photo shoot, and working on a client’s event – all super interesting items on Sparrow’s current to-do list. Nothing here is ever humdrum (well, except working on invoices; those can be humdrum).

Quickly, I need to apologize for falling behind on the Monday Quote posts. I love doing them but I’ve come to realize I need to cut myself a little slack. It was turning into a “must find something now!” situation and that, my friends, is far from inspirational. They’ll still make appearance here on the blog, so not to worry.

Speaking of inspiration – my friend Katie shared the below on Facebook and I *love* it. Moment of honesty: I have a really hard time with overly pessimistic people. We all know them: they’re the ones who always see a glass half-empty, the smoke is always getting in their eyes, etc. I completely get realistic people who see things for what they are but do their best to look for a positive outcome (I’m married to one of those) and a major part of event planning is always having a backup plan for worst case scenarios – Caterer stuck in nasty traffic and we start food service in one hour? No problem. Earthquake just hit the area and we have an event in two days? On it. There’s a major AV issue five minutes before we open the doors for guests to find their seats? No sweat. – but I firmly believe when there’s a set-back, it is important to take the time to lick wounds and learn from it, it is all the more important to pull ourselves up and get back out there, even if we have to put on our brave face until we truly find our courage once more.

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So cha-cha away my friends. We’re all on the proverbial dance floor together.

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