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downtown-seattle-sparrowsoireesA Backyard Tourist is a local who sheds their city routines and sees it like a giant playground to explore and enjoy. If I were to play Backyard Tourist in Seattle for a day I’d start with breakfast at Cafe Campange. Afterwards I’d poke around Kennedy Watson, one of my favorite local shops. Next, since I’m already at the Market, I’d pick up a few snacks from DeLaurenti, sweet treats from Le Panier, and produce from a vendor or two along the arcade. I’d then make my way down to the SAM Sculpture Park by way of the waterfront to laze about in the sun on a blanket, maybe read a little bit while enjoying the view. Later, I’d hop on the Bainbridge Island ferry and enjoy dinner at The Four Swallows (a new discovery thanks to friends!). If I timed it right, I might be able to enjoy a little evening sun on the ferry ride back to Seattle.

Here’s what I’d grab, wear and enjoy for the day; aka my Friday finds.

sole-society-fridayfinds-sparrowsoireesstraw bag {to carry my goods throughout the day}

anthro-fridayfind-sparrowsoireesshoes {these would be perfect for the bit of height that’s handy at a crowded market during the summer}

gap-fridayfinds-sparrowsoireesdress {so simple and perfect for going day to night}

NuBeGreen-fridayfind-sparrowsoireesblanket {for sitting on at the park and wrapping around me while on the ferry’s deck during the ride back to the city}

dessert case-le panier

sweet treats {one of each please}

What about you? What would you do if you had a day to be a Backyard Tourist in your town or city?

top image by asia rau vinton

come out and play

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