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I know we’re still in January. How dare I bring up Valentine’s Day?! Hear me out: to prevent a last-minute panic on Valentine’s Day here are a few gift ideas you can order from the safety of your computer now, giving you a little peace of mind. Total peace of mind is reached once dinner reservations are taken care of – so do that now!

I love the leather cuff with the latitude-longitude coordinates, which can note the location of a special moment. If your sweetie is a book lover, the Jane Austen inspired Mr. Darcy proposal scarf makes for a lovely surprise. The key chain makes a great gift, and a daily reminder, for your growing kid. And there’s nothing wrong showing yourself a lil’ lovin’ too.

Quick tip: no matter where you order your gift, be sure to double-check your gift will arrive by Valentine’s Day!

Passion Push Pins (similar ones here) / Leather Cuff / Card / Key Chain / Mr. Darcy Proposal Scarf / Diamond & Amethyst Ring / Lingerie

And, no, Etsy didn’t sponsor this post. Just trying to support those who are making their own path.