Welcome to our new blog, The Sparrow’s Nest!

The primary purpose of this blog is to share our creative process, ideas and inspirations with our readers and clients. From our experience in sharing an event concept or related marketing campaign, people usually ask, “How did you come up with this?” and want an assortment of details about our process. While we may keep a few tricks up our sleeves, we hope you enjoy peeking behind-the-scenes.

Ideas and information for Social Milestones & Celebrations, Corporate Functions, Charity Fundraisers, and Higher-Education Fetes, and associated marketing campaigns will be shared. We hope you’ll find that “something” to spark your own creative process while planning your upcoming event, and if needed, related campaign. We’ll also share our Event Planning 101 notes to help you check all the items off your list with confidence.

Of course, if you wish to contact us to help you with your next event or related campaign, please drop us a note at events@sparrowsoirees.com. We’d love to hear your vision and create a concept for you.

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Two notes about our blog:
  1. If you “borrow” from our site to post an image or text to Pinterest, Tumblr or wherever your boat floats, we’re flattered. Please note the source whether it is Sparrow Soirees or another individual, site or business. We do our best to do the same.
  2. Please be a part of the conversation. We value your comments and feedback, but please be respectful of our readers, the opinions shared and questions asked. Compris?