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Tomorrow I’m leaving for a ladies’ weekend in Vegas! While I’m looking forward to relaxing poolside and sleeping in, I’m downright thrilled one of the ladies, after receiving everyone’s input, made magic happen by taking care of *all* of our dinner and club reservations. Seriously folks. This is the stuff of dreams and why she ranks as awesomesauce in my book.

For the three days and two nights, I plan to include the following in my bag:


I’m so ready for two and a half days of relaxing poolside. I love this kaftan because long-gone are the days I’m comfortable running around in just a swimsuit, one or two-piece. I’ve had these sandals and sunglasses for what feels like forever, which is rare in Seattle. It’s so easy to, uh, permanently misplace things during the rainy seasons. For sitting poolside: sunglasses (similar) // swimsuit (similar) // kaftan (similar) // sandals (similar)


Thank goodness trends change and right now flowy tops and high-waisted shorts are in! They are so, SO perfect for eating as we wish and then enjoying the lounge afterwards. Friday night dinner and lounge: top // earrings (similar) // ring (similar) // bracelets (similar) // watch (similar) // faux leather shorts // shoes (similar)


The ladies I’m going with are simply, elegantly awesome. They understand the luxury of sleeping in, the joy of eating a hot meal served after 8pm, and why waking from an afternoon nap in a quiet room feels like Christmas morning. For brunch and ambling along the Strip: sunglasses (similar) // bracelet (similar) // top (similar) // sandals (similar) // shorts


After aspending the day poolside, we’re heading out for dinner, then hitting a club. By the way, lesson learned from long ago: don’t wear light-colored heeled shoes to a club. It gets messy on the dance floor. Trust me. Saturday night dinner and dancing: dress // necklace // watch (similar) // ring (similar) // bracelets (similar) // shoes (similar)

Have you been to Vegas? Any favorite spots you think we should visit? Any good shops, including vintage stores, to stop by? Please share!

Disclaimer on the items above: Some of the items I’ve had for years. Some were recently picked up. And some fall in between. I tried my best to find similar items if it’s no longer available – or, kid you not, some I *just* bought and cannot find said items on the stores’ websites, like the shoes and ring for Saturday night (Nordstrom Rack and H&M respectively) and the kaftan (H&M). The watch with the clear acrylic band (Friday night) was a score from Open Sky maybe two-plus years ago. It felt like yesterday’s unicorn while hunting for a similar item. I might switch things up a little if the Vegas Spirit so moves me. Be sure to check out my Instagram feed over the weekend to see if that happens.

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