Last week I was at Alt Summit and this quote has never rung more true. While talking with the fellow attendees and learning about their work, it felt like entire new worlds were discovered. These women and men ranged from those who are just starting their journey to those who’ve had quite the adventure – some spanning over 13 years! – in building their online communities while furthering their talent. Each session and event reminded me the importance of building a community filled with honest encouragement and feedback, what it means to possess true courage, and mistakes and change are paramount for growth in the creative field. I’ll share more later but at this time I’m still processing everything as well as sorting out a few “what if” moments.

Have you attended a conference or training that you felt like there was just a lot to take in and process? How did you go about it? Did you create a list of all those brainstorm moments – no matter how big or small the idea? Please share below! I feel a bit like I jumped into the middle of a big lake and it’s a long swim back to shore.

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