This past week didn’t quite go as planned. My to-do list was already ambitious and then The Ick hit. The youngest tyke woke up Monday morning with a nasty cold and then it hit me Tuesday night. I felt horrible even with meds so I cannot imagine what he was going through since he’s too young for any sort of real cold medicine. All this summed up to a lot of couch time, watching Pixar movies and PBS Kids, excessive use of Boogie Wipes (love them), and putting almost everything else on hold.

Sick Week-sparrowsoirees

Earlier this week I posted a few agencies assisting with Typhoon Haiyan efforts. If you’re able to give, even if it’s $10 through the mGive Foundation’s campaign, every penny is helps get the necessities to the those in dire need. Onto the week:

  1. As mentioned above we were parked on the couch a lot, which meant WALL-E was in heavy rotation all week long.
  2. Sick days also mean a lot of surfing the internet. Love this sweet print for the holidays I stumbled upon.
  3. Sequin flats. Need I say more? Oh. Wait. How about on sale?
  4. Ties for Lil’ Man’s 5th Birthday party. We’ll see if the kids will actually wear them during the lunch.
  5. I snapped this view while riding the ferry last weekend. Really love all the grays captured in it. So very Seattle.

Top image, Lemon Chicken Stew, via Foodie Crush

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