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Hopefully you already know about the Summer Soiree Giveaway (enter today!). A lucky winner will receive a box with fabulous goods including these lil’ gems. Confession: I liked them so much I picked up a pair for myself.drop-earrings-summergiveaway-sparrowsoireesI’m planning to wear them next weekend. To my 20-year high school reunion to be exact. How’s that for a sneak peek into my life?

  • First: Don’t strain yourself doing the math to figure out when I graduated or age. (Just stop. Now.)
  • Second: I’m genuinely excited about this milestone; seeing classmates, meeting their significant others, and to hear how they’re doing outside of Facebook updates.
  • Third: If I could enter my own contest, I’d enter this reunion as the event I’m looking forward to attending this summer.

As the weekend draws closer, I’ve run into the “what to wear” dilemma. I have nine days to sort out a plan. I checked my closet last weekend for a preliminary rundown of options (you may laugh, but admit it, you’ve done it too at some point). I finally came up with an outfit like this one for the first night, which is at a local watering hole in my hometown.happyhour1-sparrowsoirees

As Mr. V has noted with similar outfits, it’s very “me” – I think he means I look like I’m ready to hang out on a deck or at a beach party, which is my summer style. Hopefully a heat wave won’t hit the area since that would mean all bets are off with those pants. I had my eye on that top for a few months and Lisa, Juniper’s owner, encouraged me to try it on. So glad she did; it’s quickly become one of my favorite items to wear this summer. Now to figure out the following night’s party outfit…

cami top, available at Juniper / drop earrings / updated cargo pants / sandals

This lil’ bird likes making new friends.
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