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To wrap up this week’s dedicated Easter theme: egg decorating.

First up: To boil or bake your eggs? Here are two recipes for getting your eggs ready: 1) LA Times Hard-Boiled Eggs and 2) Alton Brown’s Hard Baked Eggs. And should you question if a carton of eggs are boiled or raw, check out this handy tip. Trust me: there’s no shame in testing the eggs.

Below are a few ideas ranging from easy to hard that will have everyone saying “wow” at their little works of art. For inspiration, have pictures from magazines or print images from the interwebs of decorated eggs and scatter them on the table to help kick-start your fellow decorators’ creativity. Along with the dyes, have art and craft supplies at the ready, including crayons, rubber bands, glitter, glue, paint-brushes, shiny stickers and whatever else tickles your fancy.

eggs - natural-egg-dyes spoonful2Making natural egg dyes by Spoonful

eggs - watercolor-Letters oh happy dayWatercolor letter eggs by Oh Happy Day eggs - metallic-painted-easter-eggs-diy-5 - papernstitchMetallic painted eggs by Paper & Stitcheggs - decorating eggs martha stewartAnd last, but certainly not least, a plethora of ideas from Martha Stewart

I know your eggs will come out perfectly and be the talk of the town in the best possible way. However (!) should you have an unfortunate moment with one – or ten – of them, give this post a read by Cyd of The Sweetest Occasion. Hopefully it will give you a good laugh – or at least a chuckle – and serve as a great reminder decorating eggs can pose a challenge for anyone, even the ultra-creative types.

Good luck!