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seattle spring 1 sparrow soireesWhen March arrives in Seattle, it arrives with a lion’s roar. It can be cold and rainy with a cutting wind in the morning but by mid-afternoon it can feel blissfully warm in the sun. Here are my two favorite ways to tackle the crazy yo-yoing weather. For Sunday brunch with friends, I start with the basics with a blouse and jeans, add a scarf for color, a cardigan for a little extra warmth, a long coat to cut the wind’s chill while walking, and boots to keep the hems of my jeans dry from the rain (or puddles). And, of course, I stash an umbrella in my bag just in case there’s a cloud burst.

seattle spring2 sparrow soirees

Since a sunny spring day seems to bring everyone out, the parks and playgrounds quickly turn into a scene from Lord of the Flies. For these outings and knowing how crowded it will become, I try to wear something colorful – scarf, boots, or a knit beanie – so my kids can easily spot me. After starting with the basics of tee and comfortable jeans: a colorful scarf, a cozy fleece-lined jacket with a hood, rain boots for puddle jumping, and a bag readied with a small hand-towel in case the slide is wet and a snack (or two).

brunch: white shirt & jeans / scarf / cardigancoat / boots // playground: tee & jeans / scarf / jacket / rain boots / bag