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Having an event on a Monday makes the week fly right by. As an event planner I’m trained for events happening toward the end of the week or over the weekend so having something early in the week is a change of pace. Admittedly I dig the Monday night dinner party. It shakes things up in whole new way.

Seattle woke up to summer storm with a little thunder, lightning and heavy rain today. We rarely get storms like this in the PNW, especially in the summer, but we’ve had a small handful of them lately, which is a little crazy. I’ll take today’s storm over the blazing heat and high humidity other places experience. On the plus side, today’s rain watered my neglected yard, rinsed off the playgrounds, and took care of the gritty streets and sidewalks.

All this rain has inspired a Pinterest board for Splendid’s Pinterest board contest recently announced by Splendid LA and Oh Joy’s Joy Cho. I’ll unveil my board next week since it’s taking a little prep work. In the meantime, you should jump in on the fun create your own board for it. Who knows? You could win!

Speaking of Pinterest: I’m still accepting requests for Pinterest-based event elements. Check out the past post here.

And to wrap up this post, here’s a little something to kick off your weekend…

Have a good one!