I don’t know about you, but having the Fourth of July mid-week has totally thrown me off. I had big plans for an event Pinterest to Real Life post, but it was lost in the fray of the week’s activities. From what I’m hearing though, I’m not the only one. I’m starting to see the wisdom of closing up shop and heading out-of-town next time the holiday hits mid-week.

What hasn’t thrown me off though is the amazing weather here in Seattle. We may have an odd relationship with our friend, Sun, around here, especially in June, but it rarely fails to show up on the Fourth with a bouquet of fireworks and kiss our cheeks on the Fifth.

I’m brainstorming an event for a friend. No details yet but if you have peeked at my Pinterest boards you might have seen me pin a few ideas. Here’s a hint of my current thought process:

And maybe a bit of this as background music.

Have a great and safe weekend! Until next time…


{image: Honilima}