Comfort food. Cozy blankets. Layers in sweaters and scarves. I love November. It contains my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, and seems to be the spark igniting grace and showing goodwill toward one another.


1. This red wine braised short ribs recipe sounds just about right for these chilly nights. Also sounds just about right to serve over mashed parsnips or sweet potatoes.

2. I love this Japanese denim full apron I found on Etsy. The stripes help hide splatters while the weight would keep splashes from soaking through and stove-top heat at bay.

3. Setting my sights on a random act of kindness a day. Holding a door open for a parent pushing a stroller. Paying it forward by buying the coffee for person behind you. This Good Deeds print serves as the perfect reminder – and would look great framed next to the front door.

4. This pumpkin bisque recipe sounds (and looks!) delicious and quickly became a must on my list thanks to Scout’s Fortunate Feast fall series. I think I’ll serve it up the night before Thanksgiving with a salad and bread from the local bakery.

5. Last, but certainly not least, we’re getting ready for our Lil’ Man’s 5th birthday later this month! Follow me on Instagram to see the fun details for his party come together.

Come hang out with this lil’ bird!
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