Dominique Picquier‘s weekend bag in a rust orange has me in the mood for September and fall’s generous bounty. For me this month has the most bizarre seasonal transition of the year. It often entails major weather swings – sunny and 85 today; maybe rainy and 64 by Monday – and requires us to layer up in the morning, de-layer mid-day, and grab a cozy sweater if dining alfresco. We’re able to enjoy the last days of summer, wearing sandals with shorts, while witnessing the early stages of trees changing colors. And that, my friends, circles us back to this bag’s brilliant color.

The bag itself is perfect for a quick getaway. Makes me feel like I should pack up the family and head off to Leavenworth soon. What about you? Where would you go for a weekend getaway to welcome fall?

Available at Juniper, a Sparrow Soirées partner; all opinions are my own.

{image: Sparrow Soirées}