A Decade Later


IMG_9604 Yes; it’s true. The Mister and I are celebrating TEN YEARS today.

I was asked recently if I could sum up what it’s like being married for ten years. I just shook my head, fighting back a few tears thanks to the several memories flashing in front of me. I simply said, “I can’t.”

How do I sum up a decade that included moving into our first apartment together and the stress of buying our very first house?

How do I sum up ten years that included the arrival our two amazing boys? Watching my fantastic partner become an amazing parent? How do I sum up the heart-heavy news of a miscarriage? Then working through the fears and anxieties together?

How do I sum up ten years of learning to fight fairly? Of trial and error of negotiating with someone you care so deeply about? How to gracefully surrender? How to sacrifice without resentment?

How do I sum up all lessons learned? The patience gained? The love renewed? The accepting and forgiving each other’s stumbles and shortcomings? Celebrating each other’s strengths and passions?

Ten years sprinkled with dark moments brightened with encouragement? Knowing I’d have a hand to hold no matter how lonely I felt?

How do I sum up ten years of laughter?

Ten years of him by my side?


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